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Beauty and the Bard: Family concerts and Shakespeare

The són project – Southampton’s first ever professional orchestra – is the brainchild of conductor Robin Browning. As artistic advisor of the project, Robin and I had always planned a collaboration, and this Midsummer he presented a spectacular day of art activities, drama and music at Turner Sims Concert Hall, at the University of Southampton, […]

Getting ready for Midsummer Magic!

As I prepare for my debut with the UK’s newest professional orchestra, SÓN, I am experimenting with colours and materials and words wrapped up in Shakespeare and Mendelssohn. In case you are not familiar with my work as an artist for musicians, well… read on! SÓN is a Southampton based orchestra, created by maestro Robin […]

A Penny for Your Thoughts: The True Cost of Bargain Books

I’m not often overtly political on my blog, but there have been several incidences recently that have inspired me to write about a few important facts and figures. These may surprise those who know little or nothing about publishing, but for all those who make assumptions, here is a reality check. According to the Society […]

Celebrating Shakespeare 400!

As Britain remembers the Bard on the 400th anniversary of his death, I’m reminded of how Shakespeare, uninvited, has drifted in and out of my world and my thoughts over many years, bringing pleasure, surprise and even paid work… We all take his language for granted when using certain expressions (From “Brave new world”, to […]

Dancing with Tanita

Here’s something I bet you never thought you’d see! Me dancing!!! A few weeks ago, I was asked to join in with a group of “extras” to dance on an escalator for a video of a song by 80s pop sensation Tanita Tikaram. The brilliant Tanita has evolved into a really superb singer-song writer, and […]

Fable and Fantasy: Music, Magic and Marbled Halls!

Yesterday, as I stood on the stage of the Royal Albert Hall, I couldn’t help thinking of the Victorian air, “I Dreamt I Dwelt in Marbled Halls”, for here was a pinch-me please dream moment. In the ten years I have been illustrating music at classical concerts, many people have (half jokingly) said “Oh, you should […]

Birthdays, Bookdays and Turkish Delight

I’m not especially well travelled, and so when an invitation from a school overseas comes in, I greet it with feelings of high adventure and fear. And so it was with trepidation that I set off to spend World Book Day (and the week around it) in Turkey at the British Embassy School in Ankara (BESA). As […]

Midsummer Magic

Can you have Midsummer Magic in December? Spencer Down and the Dockland Sinfonia certainly provided it – to 1600 East End kids, at the the Great Hall in the People’s Palace, Queen Mary University, London. With a little help from Mendelssohn of course. And a little film about the day has just been released. I will […]